Schools' Performances

Throughout the year, Bangarra offers performances for schools in selected venues across Australia, with post-performance 'In Conversation' sessions wherever possible. This experience allows students to deepen their connection with the company and learn about the artistic process, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. 

Education Contact
  02 9251 5333

2019 Schools' Performances - Unaipon

This year's dedicated schools performance is Frances Rings' landmark 2004 work Unaipon, an incredible cross-curricular work which delves into dance, music, design, science, history and social sciences. Join Bangarra as the company celebrates its landmark 30th anniversary season with a stunning display of contemporary dance theatre!

Duration: 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute 'In Conversation'
Recommended for ages 8+.


Schools' Performance
Thursday 19 September 12.30pm



Wilay is the Wiradjuri word for Brushtail Possum, given to us by Uncle Stan Grant Senior. Bangarra’s Wilay program enables us to connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school students through our performances and by providing accessible tickets and behind-the-scenes access to our dancers and creatives. 

Wilay allows us to build a relationship with the next generation of those who share the rich culture and history that is sewn through our storytelling. It is important to pass these stories down.

The Wilay program has concluded for 2019. Stay tuned for our 2020 program.