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It is TERRAIN production week, and nature had blessed me with a mighty flu. What started on Tuesday as a mere rumble in my chest escalated into bouts of fevers, body aches and a chesty cough. When we work together in such a tight knit group, and each one of us is an important piece of the puzzle, it is a tough choice whether to brave the elements to come into work so as to not miss any important information and evolutions of the piece, or to stay at home, rest and recuperate and selfishly keep my fluey germs to myself. I chose the latter. Cathie Goss our tireless rehearsal director took one look at me and told me to rest up. I went home and slept for a solid and much needed six hours, then right through the night.

So now the company is back at Qantas domestic and on our way to Melbourne. As I’m sitting here I am hoping that by opening night my body heals so that I can give Terrain everything it deserves. But even if it doesn’t then I’ll need to draw from the well within, from where my stories and connection to Fran’s work comes.

Jasmin Sheppard

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