May 5, 2015

Register for the Creative Generations Program in Brisbane

Apply to join the Creative Generations Program in partnership with Bangarra’s Youth Program in Brisbane. Secondary students will participate in an intensive dance based program within the South East Region. The participants will research and gather stories with the help and guidance from Elders, to develop dance, performance and creative skills to produce dance theatre.

This event is Open only to select students in the South East Region, the program will run on the following dates:

Training/Rehearsal Dates:

  • Week 1- 29th June – 3rd July- (Helensvale Cultural Centre) During School Holidays
  • Week 2- 6th July – 10th July- (Logan Entertainment Centre) During School Holidays
  • Week 3- 13th July- (Logan Entertainment Centre) 
Time TBC
  • Week 3- 15th July (Brisbane Convention Centre) 
Show Dates 
Time TBC
  • Week 3- 16th – 17th July (Brisbane Convention Centre) Time TBC

The program culminates in a public showcase in the 2015 Creative Generations where Students will perform to share their cultural learnings with their peers, family, school, Elders, broader community and a live TV audience via Network Ten.

To reserve your students’ participation in this once in a lifetime event, we ask that you identify a contact person with whom we will directly liaise. Each student must complete registration via the link below.

If you require more information on the “Creative Generations- Bangarra Dance Program” please feel free to contact South East Regional Office on 07 3386 4107 or email


Registrations close at 3pm, 1 June 2015.

April 23, 2015

Five Questions For Sidney Saltner


Thanks to everyone who submitted a question to our Youth Program Director Sidney Saltner via social media! Here are his answers.

At what age did you realise that you had to dance? Who encouraged you to dance?

I think I was about six; it was when I saw my uncle stick bottle caps under his feet and tap dance for us when he’d visit us. I never really got the opportunity to dance or have any formal training when I was growing up, except for the odd end of year stage show in primary school, or watching it on TV. It wasn’t until I went to boarding school that a friend and I would use the school hall to put dance moves together so I guess he encouraged me in a way and my family supported me once I made the decision to make dance my career.

Where was your favourite place to teach and what is your favourite style?

I don’t really have a favourite place to teach but I enjoy and am inspired by teaching people who show a genuine interest to learn and share in the experience of creating their own style. Once you give them the tools it is magical to watch. I really enjoyed going back to my old school recently to teach and take the Rekindling program back home (to Theodore in Queensland in 2014).

If you ever felt like you wouldn’t make it, what inspired you to keep going?

There were many times when I felt like I wouldn’t make it and wanted to give up. I still feel like that today - that feeling will always be there – but it makes me push harder, because when I first started to learn to dance, the thought of going home without achieving or finishing anything and having to face the family after so many years of being away kept me focused. The support from my family and peers, especially the ones who had the same goal and passion I had for dance, made me keep going.

What advice would you give to kids who aspire to be a dancer?

Decide what it is that you want, go for it and don’t settle for anything less. Give everything a go and don’t be afraid, because even if you fail many times, you will enjoy finding new ways of doing things. When you succeed it’s going to feel amazing, then set a new goal.  Make it fun, because this will help you get through the tough times and be open to everything and take every opportunity you can.

 What does Rekindling and traditional dance teach kids about their Indigenous identity?

I hope that by learning traditional dance, it would teach the kids a sense of identity, who they are and what it is to be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, but also to know their cultural backgrounds and to eventually take their place as custodians of the stories and knowledge of their Elders and ancestors.

Rekindling is a tool devised to help build the bridge between the youth and the Elders, creating a safe space for the handing down of their knowledge, to rekindle the stories, cultural practices and keep our culture alive. The next stage is about telling our stories our way, bringing them into the future, and creating new ones for the future generations.

August 1, 2014

Rekindling Youth Program 2014

Bangarra’s Rekindling Youth Program 2014 has now taken place in the communities of Nowra and Wollongong (NSW) and Theodore, Beaudesert and Cairns (QLD). Final gatherings and community performances are coming up for communities and participants in Coffs Harbour (NSW) and Weipa (QLD) in August.
An exciting development for the program, now in its second year, is that in partnership with Feral Arts, a digital Rekindling App has been built to enable sharing between participants and the Rekindling team using digital media. This is an important step for the Rekindling program to ensure connections and shared learning continues beyond the program’s immediate residency in the communities.
The program has received a high level of positive feedback to date from elders, participants, schools and communities.
Rekindling 2014 Beaudesert QLD participants and Rekindling workshop leader Patrick Thaiday photo by Tiffany Parker

Rekindling 2014 Beaudesert QLD participants and Rekindling workshop leader Patrick Thaiday photo by Tiffany Parker

Rekindling 2014 Beaudesert QLD participants and Rekindling workshop leader Patrick Thaiday photo by Tiffany Parker.

Rekindling 2014 Nowra NSW participants and Rekindling workshop leaders photo by Tiffany Parker

Rekindling 2014 Nowra NSW participants and Rekindling workshop leaders photo by Tiffany Parker

Rekindling 2014 Nowra NSW participants and Rekindling workshop leaders photo by Tiffany Parker.



Rekindling 2014 Theodore (Biloela) QLD participants photo by Tiffany Parker.

May 14, 2014

Bangarra Dance Theatre 2013 Annual Report

We’re pleased to share our 2013 Annual Report with you – now available for viewing and download online HERE.

Experience 2013 as it was for Bangarra in this 8 minute video clip tracking the major events for the Company throughout the year. From Vietnam to Arnhem Land, the Sydney Opera House and Theatre Royal in Tasmania, here is a snapshot.

January 28, 2014

Rekindling 2014 registrations are now open

Bangarra invites young people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage to register for Rekindling 2014.

This year Rekindling will take place in the NSW communities of Nowra, Wollongong, Lismore and Coffs Harbour and the QLD communities of Theodore, Beaudesert, Weipa and Cairns.

Find out more about Rekindling and the application process HERE

February 28, 2013

Rekindling Update

Rekindling selection workshops have now taken place across NSW in Wellington, Moree, Kempsey and Blacktown. In the Wellington Times last week, Member for Orange Andrew Gee MP, wrote about his visit to the Wellington Rekindling selection workshop saying “Watching the young dancers in action really brought home to me what an incredible opportunity this was for them.”

This photo of Rekindling Workshop Leader Chantel Kerr was taken by Greg Barrett at the Moree selection workshop. A second selection workshop will be held for the Darug language group in Blacktown on 9 March. You can find out more HERE and register for the selection workshop HERE.

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