May 14, 2015

Five Questions for … Deborah Brown


Thanks to everyone who submitted a question for senior dancer and lore choreographer Deborah Brown via social media! Below are her answers.

What are your pre-show rituals?

After company warm up, I pre-set costumes and water side stage for quick changes. I have my little aromatherapy diffuser switched on in my dressing room and have a cup of green tea beside me while I do my make up and hair. I always aim to sit in 5 mins of meditation and do a 3 minute plank – this combination helps settle the butterflies in my tummy.

What is your favourite Bangarra work to dance in and why?

Fire, A Retrospective will always be my favourite and a highlight of my career. Here we visited some of Bangarra’s best repertoire. It was a two hour show and and one of my busiest. The elation I felt after performing this show is indescribable. I could do it all again.

What are your must-haves in your dressing room?

I lay out a colourful sarong on my dressing table to make it feel a little less sterile. My aromatherapy diffuser, often filled with Perfect Potions Allure Oil. Water. And my little speaker to jam out some music post show!

How different has it been working as a choreographer rather than a dancer?

The weight of responsibility is different. Choreography goes beyond collaborating with dancers. It’s also collaborating with a set designer, composer, lighting designer, costume designer and a production team. I’m no longer just one colour in a palette, I now have the opportunity to paint with many colours. 

Who inspires you?

My family. When my mother and father got married, my mother wasn’t considered a citizen of Australia. She had no right to vote. I am eternally proud of both of them for being colour blind on the surface and taking the vows to be together despite how others may have judged. Whatever conflict comes their way, neither have lost their sense of humour and know how to have a good laugh!

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