Walkabout combines tradition with innovation in design and choreography, allowing for deeper social commentary
Herald Sun
Walkabout is a magnificently danced double bill that reclaims the regenerating journeys central to Aboriginal spirituality
The Australian
Walkabout is bold, affecting and a move in a fresh direction
Sydney Morning Herald

Bangarra’s electrifying program, Walkabout, traces an extraordinary history of indigenous struggle and survival from the early missions and stations of outback Australia to the neon soaked streets of our modern day cities.

What leads us to walk away from what we know best? Sometimes there is no choice. The hardest journey can often be to rediscover the steps of the original walkabout – to tread as our ancestors did in a continuous cycle of reverence to the land.

Walkabout is a program of two works : Rush by Stephen Page and Rations by Frances Rings. A passionate and revealing work featuring acclaimed actress, Ningali Lawford, Walkabout explores the tensions between the spiritual and social forces that shape Indigenous life.

Rations pulls at the threads of hand-me-downs. Lured from their honelands, clothed in cast offs and fed an alien diet of flour and sugar, the people find themselves trapped in a cycle of dependency.

Rush captures the energy and resilience of youth, the struggle to reconcile old ways with new and cleanse the pain of the past. There’s the ‘rush’ of survival, new songlines are being drawn in the ancient soil.

Choreography Rush by Stephen Page, Rations by Frances Rings
Music Steve Francis
Set Design Peter England
Costume Design Jennifer Irwin
Lighting Design Trudy Dalgleish

2002 National Tour – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane


Bangarra Dance Theatre – Outstanding Production, Green Room Award, 2002
Bangarra Dance Theatre – Best New Australian Work, Helpmann Award, 2003
Russell Page – Posthumous – Best Male Dancer, Helpmann Award, 2003
Steve Francis – Best Original Score, Helpmann Award, 2003
David Page & Steve Francis - Excellence in a Theatrical Score, Deadly Award, 2003