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Telling the stories: Bush (2003)

… what is the inspiration for the production Bush?

They sang the songs and danced over the land,
They struck the ground with their walking sticks and created fresh water.
Created the different landmarks, animals, sacred sites
Created all living things.
From the traditional song Two Sisters (Wirrkul Manda), Dhuwa language group

Bush is inspired by a collection of Aboriginal Dreamtime creation stories. Moth is one of the stories told in Bush.

The work is described as a “bush galaxy of poetic imagery and stories that illuminate Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture. From the last breath of sunset to the first light of dawn is a mysterious and secret space – the land erupts pushing up mountains and carving waterholes, reptilian creatures slither from dark caves, a moth emerges from its cocoon”.

(From printed program for Bush, 2003)


… where do the stories come from?

Bush is a contemporary interpretation of creation stories of the Yirrkala people of Arnhem Land in the northeastern part of Northern Territory in Australia.

Bangarra has a long relationship with the Yirrkala community, with several Bangarra productions drawing inspiration from the stories, people and land of the region.  Bangarra’s artist-in-residence, Kathy Balngayngu Marika, a senior artist of the Yirrkala community, acted as cultural consultant during the making of Bush. Kathy also performs in some sections of Bush.


>> Moth (an excerpt from Bush)