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TERRAIN opening night, after much preparation, was a great success. Back stage the dancers felt high levels of nervous energy, uncertain anticipation, and moments of quiet concentration. There’s always a lot to process on the eve of a world premiere. I don’t think I was the only one to take time out to picture in my mind the great expanse and curious moods of Lake Eyre. We have had the privilege to have a local elder from Lake Eyre come to watch our interpretation of the incredible landscape, and just knowing that we have his blessing to go out and portray an image of his traditional land is really quite special. I think it has given all of us an extra push of encouragement. As I pinned in the spindly arms of my spinifex headpiece I imagined the dry wick of lonely gums by the lake, awaiting the first drink of water for the season. The lake provides so much visual inspiration that it becomes easy to disappear into a different world and landscape onstage. The performance went by so quickly and I must say that I am going to treasure the experience of performing TERRAIN every night.

Jasmin Sheppard

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  • Shiree

    A friend and I did a little road trip from Snake Valley (near Ballarat) to see “Terrain” yesterday. We were transported to another world for an hour, and never wanted the journey to end. Stunning, graceful, physical, moving – performance art at its best. We absolutely love your work – your movement, the music, sound and lighting design, choreography – every performance stays with us loooong after the curtain falls. When is the next one in Melbourne?

    • sarah

      Thank you Shiree for your very kind words! We’ll be back in Melbourne in 2013 with a new work as part of our national tour. Keep an eye out for announcements in the coming months!

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