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It’s production week for our Sydney season at the Opera House, a venue that feels comfortable and familiar, like settling back into an old home. I walk the same pathway up to our dressing rooms in the Drama Theatre, and wonder how time can speed by so fast. it seems as though it was just yesterday that we were at the House bumping in last year’s production of Belong. This week’s purpose is to take what beauty we created with TERRAIN in the spacious Playhouse in Melbourne, and translate it into a much more intimate space here. As a dancer, a lot of our time is spent re-thinking our delivery of each piece. For most of us this means focusing on a subtler delivery of our inner spirits. The audience will be much closer, which creates the opportunity to connect with them on a more personal level. For the crew, they are focusing on changing lighting moods to complement the intimate stage. Last night was community night, when all the mob fill the seats. Having our brothers and sisters out there supporting us brings us the energy we need to carry on through to opening night. Thanks for a fabulous, creative Koori night!

Jasmin Sheppard

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