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At six am on a crisp Saturday morning, Bangarra and The Australian Ballet dancers congregated outside the Ballet Centre, anticipating a twenty hour flight to New York City. Slowly the ballerinas began to line up their luggage to be checked off and counted – a process that our small family of 13 dancers are not accustomed to! The Aussie Ballet move like a well oiled machine, and were hitching a ride with them to the Big Apple. We had four days and two shows at Lincoln Centre, and we were armed with high hopes for our New York performances. Our show Warumuk – in the dark night, is a magical and sensory journey of Yolgnu astronomy.
Our rehearsals were short, as was our time onstage to space and tech – barely enough time to take in the great expanse of the David Koch Theatre and its endless tiers and rows of seats.
Opening night was exhilarating- and we received a standing ovation! (rarely heard of at Lincoln Centre). I feel like I closed my eyes, opened them again and it was all over. Before we knew it Bangarra were boarding the plane to Sydney to open our new show, TERRAIN at the end of this week. Deep breaths all!

Jasmin Sheppard

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